New Year, New Space, New Features!

After 3+ years of careful design and planning, I’m excited to announce that a brand new creative space is under construction. I am careful to not just call it a studio and limit it only to a space for music performance, mixing, and mastering. In addition to these existing services, the new space will also feature multiple remote controlled, Sony pan / tilt/ zoom cameras and video and audio streaming technology to give clients the ability to bring their fans into their creative process and provide online performances with CD quality audio.

At a time where many artists are leveraging crowd-funding services like Kickstarter to provide the financial support for a project, it is important that the artist give unique rewards to their supporters. Imagine being able to invite your backers into the virtual studio to watch you recording, mixing, or mastering your project. Perhaps an exclusive online concert for some of your backers, or maybe a regular online show of your own.

The new space will also feature a completely redesigned, and artist-centric workflow. Everything from the new digital console, to the individual monitor mix stations which will allow each artist to dial in their own personal mix to suit their taste and needs.

I look forward to providing more information over the coming months on some of the other exciting features that will set the new space apart from the rest of the field. My intention is to provide a space for you and your creativity to find it’s maximum potential and it’s maximum audience.

Stay tuned for more pictures along with a virtual studio tour coming soon.

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