Here are some audio samples from recent projects:

 One Of These Days by Heather Mae

Recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced here in The Green Room, this is the first song to come from Heather’s amazing Debut Album “One Year Of Songs” – a project which started out as she attempted to write, record and share one song per day for 365 days – and ended up being so much more powerful. The album tells the moving story of a young women who finds herself during this year, and depicts the transition from her cold, dingy NYC apartment to finding bliss wherever life takes her.

One Be by Andrew Eade

Synthia by Andrew Eade

These two tracks were created from scratch for a large corporation looking for a short peice of music to go over a YouTube commercial.

 Morning Star by The I-TERNALS

I just love that moment when a track resonates with you – when you are feeling a song just as the artist felt the song. Justin and I talked for some while one night about “Signing Off” by UB40, and I really felt that same vibe while mastering this track. From the I-TERNALS, this is called Morning Star.

 Night by Don’t Panic

From their second album “Everyday”; this is one of my favorite tracks. The drums, bass and most of the guitars were tracked here, and then the band would record and upload vocal stems to an ftp site for me to integrate with the mix. Final mixing and mastering was also performed here at The Green Room.

 LeTgo by Zero Mercury

Recorded using our in-house Mapex Orion Series drum kit, mixed, and mastered here in The Green Room; this is LeTgo by Zero Mercury.

 Baltimore by Don’t Panic

From their debut album “The Other Scales” this track was one of the most emotionally charged songs, and to this day it is still one of my favorites. When I met Don’t Panic back in 2002 they had recorded this entire album at home, had it mixed at a couple of local studios, but they just weren’t happy with the sound. I offfered to remix one of the tracks to show them just how great their songs should sound when someone really understood, and cared about their music. As a result of this offer I got the gig. We spent a few months re-tracking a few things and adding some new layers, before mixing and mastering. 

 Fanatical Love Hit by Industry Overflow

This is an older track that was recorded, mixed and mastered at my old studio – still stands up pretty well though!

 Sound Design Example

Here is an example of some sound design work I did for a heavy rock band that wanted a 1 minute introduction that would play before they came out on stage – the goal was to build suspense and excitement before they hit the stage and struck the opening chord.

 CD or Cassette by Sam Solar

DC Rap sensation Sam Solar’s management approached me to ask if I could remix some of his songs and track vocals with him. They were looking to create something here that would sound huge in the clubs, and capture Sam at his creative best.

 Bird of Passage by Andrew Eade

 A solo endeavour, and cover version of one of my favorite songs of all time by one of my favorite bands of all time; The Mission UK.