Over the last 20 years I have had the great pleasure to work with a variety of different artists and clients in a number of capacities. This list shows some of the highlights of my career to date. It is truly thanks to these artists and projects, that my skills have developed, ears have been tuned,  and I have learned how to step out of the way and allow creativity to flow effortlessly into every creation.     

Year Client / URL Project Description Role
2012 Joe Scott Mastering tracks Mastering Engineer
2012 Heather Mae Recording her new album “One year of songs” Producer, Recording, mixing and mastering.
2012 No Big Deal Recorded, mixed and mastered a 6 song promo for shopping to local clubs Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Engineer
2011 The Iternals Recording new tracks. Recording Engineer
2010 Justin Matthew Mastering for No Time to Lose Mastering Engineer
2010 The Iternals Reggaefest 2010 Live Sound Engineer
2010 Carahsoft Helped this company achieve savings of over $20k annually in rental fees by creating a mobile sound rig for trade shows. The setup included Wireless handheld, lavalier, and sound reinforcement equipment allowing for 3  consecutive sessions to be ran. The project concluded with some easy to understand training video’s on how to use the equipment, and troubleshoot any challenges on site. Audio Consultant
2008 – 2010 Don’t Panic Everyday Producer, Sound Engineer and Mixer
2008 – Present Zero Mercury The Awakening Producer, Sound Engineer, Mixer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
2004 – 2007 The Green Room Recording Studio Designed and Built “The Green Room” Studio Studio Designer, Project Manager
2004 – 2005 n/a Dash Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
2003 – 2004 Don’t Panic Sudan Benefit Concert and other Live Shows Drummer
2002 – 2003 Don’t Panic The Other Scales Producer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer, Additional Guitars, Bass on “Drown”
2001   CD or Cassette Vocal Producer, Mixing Engineer
1999 – 2002 Industry Overflow Wait for this Tour Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
1999? Industry Overflow Wait for this Producer, Sound Engineer, Mixer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
1999 – 2001 4Cryinoutloud! Music & Entertainment Studied vocals under Michael Sheppard Student
1998 – 1999 n/a Multiple gigs in and around DC Guitarist, Songwriter, Backing Vocalist
1998 n/a The Ray EP Producer, Sound Engineer and Mixer
1997 n/a Blue Feels Great EP Producer, Sound Engineer and Mixer
1997 n/a   Bass Player, Songwriter
1997 – 1999   Cue Recording Studios, Falls Church, VA Started as an Intern, Quickly progressed to Assistant Sound Engineer
1996 – 1998 n/a Magnificent Desolation Producer, Sound Engineer, Mixer, Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Bass, Keys (Solo Project)
1996 n/a MOVED TO THE USA  
1993 – 1996 n/a Played some of the weirdest Goth shows at some of Englands most notoriois venues (Mean Fiddler, Nottingham Rock City, Bristol Bierkeller) Guitarist, Backing Vocals
1991 – 1993 n/a Played some of the rawest punk shows ever – even in a disused pigstye! Guitarist
1989 – 1991 n/a Learned my chops in my high school rock band Songwriter, Guitarist