Hi Andy,

Hope all is well with you and your family. Last we spoke was during the mixing of Heather’s album. I wish I could have been at the listening party to tell you in person how great it sounds. It seems through each listen I pick up something new; a nuance, a subtle combination of tones, or fresh perspective based on the time I listen to it. Working with you and in your space was one of the most positive music experiences I have ever had and I am very appreciative; I believe you really brought the best out of us. I hope we get to do it again.

Along the lines of good sound, I find myself being continually frustrated by the tone and clarity I get from my Alvarez guitar through an amp or DI box. Granted, I only have a small fender practice amp and a low end pre-amp. Before playing out with Heather, I was usually just acoustic or with a mic (or playing bass). At most of the shows now I just DI into the the mixer and get what the sound guy gives me. I’ve been reading a few things and some people say the answer is a better DI with an equalizer, some say just mic it. I think it is partially the soft tone of the Alvarez, so I’ve been experimenting with a transducer and homebrew pre-amp on the Dobro, but am still messing around with that. So with that said I wondered if you had any ideas or advice on the subject. I really want to get the best possible sound for Heather’s release show.

Hope to hear from you,



Hey Andy,

Just wanted to keep you in the loop on how we were doing, since you are one of us haha. We had a big week last week. No only did we call it our one year of being a band but we had 4 different bars contact us about playing, one of them being Whitlows in Clarendon which in my opinion is probably the 2nd biggest place to play for bands. so it was very exciting and we wanted to thank you since a lot of it had to do with the kick ass demo we put together. and i know i sent the facebook invite to you but we wanted to personally invite you out if you can to Whitlows. we know it is kind of a hike but we are playing June 16th starting around ten.

Thanks again,

No Big Deal


What up Andy,

Adam said he got all the stuff today. Thanks for getting everything done so quickly. I will get a check in the mail for the balance tomorrow.

We had such a good time, your space is super relaxed and you really create an atmosphere that nourishes creativity and focus. Thanks so much for all the great words and advice and help throughout the whole process. We have all learned a ton by being involved in so much of the process.

Keep us posted on your band and hopefully you can make it out to one of our shows sometime.

You da man,




We had so much fun this weekend! The sounds we have been able to get out of your studio space have been an amazing treat and we really appreciate you taking the time to work with us. We are looking forward to finishing up strong and getting a really good product to be able to give to potential clients and venues. I have CC’d everyone on the email so Dayne and Doug can follow up with you to work out a time to finish up the vocal tracks.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you soon for the mixing session!