About The Green Room Recording Studio

Times have changed in modern recording. Many musicians now have the ability to record at home with impressive results, and as such their needs have changed. Many of my clients lack the ability to record live instruments at home due to high volume levels are unable to capture a professional sound due to poor room acoustics, or lack the quality sounding equipment that a recording studio can offer. The Green Room bridges that gap to make professional sound affordable.
Dont Panic – Recording drum tracks for Everyday
The Green Room has been professionally designed and built to offer controllable room acoustics, and is large enough to accommodate a full band performing live along with drums, amplifiers and all other equipment.  It is fully equipped with a large inventory of instruments, microphones, hardware and software, and all the supplies you may need during a session such as strings and batteries.  The studio is running Nuendo as its main recording suite due to its superior audio quality, and is equipped with a huge selection of top Plug-ins including the Waves Diamond Bundle, and UAD emulations of some of the greatest analogue recording hardware used on classic albums. As such we have the ability to track your recordings using up to 128 instances of the Studer A800, Neve 88RS channel strips, 1073 or 1081 EQs, and 33609 compressors.
The rooms are fully sound proofed and acoustically treated to allow separation of instruments and musicians as needed.  Recording is controlled by a fully automated, 56 input digital recording desk, allowing instant recall of your sessions settings for maximum productivity.

 The Green Room was designed with the goal of providing a service to musicians that other studios simply can’t offer – professional results at affordable prices.  My goal is simply to help you achieve your goals.