In 2011, I began offering musicians and bands the ability to broadcast video and audio of their recording sessions live. The purpose of this was as follows:

·         Fans get to be a fly on the wall and watch the creative process of their favorite bands – warts and all. After all, who doesn’t love reality TV these days?
·         Bands gain exposure to fans of other bands playing on the channel.
·         Aspiring audio professionals can get insight into the recording process.

The audio feed comes direct from the desk, and an in-room microphone picks up every discussion, whisper, or flatulent squeak from the drum stool. Ten cameras placed around the studio pick up the action.

It’s difficult to describe in words, as each of the shows take on their own personality – some very artsy, some more like a reality show, and some like a full-on concert. Your best bet is to tune in to see the variety on offer.

While it is still in its early days, I see huge potential in this channels’ ability to enhance the music community, as well as provide great entertainment.

If you would like your band to perform live on “Recording Studio Live”, please contact me for details and to discuss scheduling.